• Image of Creating Sux **E-COMIC**

This is for those who wish to support and read my work but can't necessarily justify adding yet another book to their overflowing zine and graphic novel bookcase. I get it. I am right there with you!

Purchasing this Creating Sux Comic Book means that no physical item will be shipped and instead you will receive an email with an attachment to download of my 80-page comic book. This will be yours to keep on your electronic device or to flip through the e-pages and then right click it straight into the trash can.


A brand new sneak peep into the life of Liz Bolduc Sux! This is a 60+ page book of sketches, unreleased or unprinted comic pages, nearly finished comic pages, doodles and sketches from Liz's sketchbook.

This is meant to show the progression of Liz teaching themselves about comic making and drawing cartoon versions of themselves.

Thank you for your continuous support!

xoxo, Liz Sux